Birthday 🎂 Blog ….36 Things 🥳

Today is my birthday, so you know I must commemorate with a blog!! This year was FULL of lessons, here’s thirty six things….. 1. Friendship 101, gravitate towards who gravitates towards you, don’t force anything 2. Be genuine 3. Be kind 4. Loss hurts 5. Process your loss 6. Don’t ignore the pain, address it […]

Did We Get Played?!

Some of the emotions you experience when you get played or when your trust is betrayed by someone can range from anger, disgust, disappointment, disbelief, hurt……to even rage. But what if it feels like you got played by God?! What do you do with all those feelings and emotions then?!???!!??? February 5th 2019 marks the […]

Natural Hair Journey

The natural hair journey is not for the faint of heart! It takes a lot of courage to consistently wear your hair in it’s natural state, especially as a woman of color. People will say that your hair is nappy, needs to be combed and done! The looks will become intense too! On the other […]

Family Feud

I honestly never thought that I would have the opportunity to be a contestant on Family Feud! It’s a TV 📺 game show that millions of people have enjoyed throughout many years from all over the world 🌎 and I had the opportunity to be a guest! The process leading up to going, the hotel […]

Oh Baby!

Our story is a very interesting one and it keeps writing itself in the most peculiar way but because my husband and I are believers and we know that everything we experience works together for our good…..we are living every single day to see what else our story will write…we’re not worried….definitely curious, but not […]

Butterfly 💜 🦋

I’m so excited about this time in my life! I’ve come a very long way… wasn’t an overnight process took many years to get HERE. Today was mother’s day and I was A-Ok! Like, I seriously was fine thee entire day from start to finish. I don’t have any natural children (yet) and I/we […]

Small Treasures…🗽

So, anyone that really knows me is aware of how much I love inspirational messages on tshirts, jewelry, notebooks, etc…..If it’s a simple product that I use with a yummy message on it….I just fell in love! 😂❤ After work, sometimes I just like to “detox” by going to one of my favorite bargain stores […]